Shanghai Rolechem New Material Co., Ltd was founded in end of 2016. We adhere to the idea of “technology innovation, environmental
friendly, energy-saving and benefit people”. Within the first year of the company, we have built a professional research team and a
production team, focusing on the lithium battery electrolyte additive area. We have developed several leading-edge products, and
managed the commercial production successfully. Our products are well sold to overseas and domestic market. Meanwhile, we
developed various custom-made electronic chemicals, and our work are highly recognized by the customers
focusing on the high-end electronic chemicals
Efficient management
To create a professional R & D team and production team in one year, specializing in the field of "lithium battery electrolyte"
Corporate culture
Pay attention to production and management
Pay attention to safety and environmental protection
Management Idea
Technological innovation
Protection and energy saving
benefit mankind

The main products of the company include lithium difluoroacetate, lithium difluorophosphate, lithium bisulfonate, difluorosamide, etc., and has relevant invention patents
The company has passed the examination and approval of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises
focusing on the high-end electronic chemicals
Chemical synthesis technology
Including route design, various synthetic reactions, purification technology and waste treatment technology
Industrialization technology
Continuous improvement of comprehensive production technology and production capacity cost
R&D Resources
Selecting the route → Modification → Scale up → Cost control → Commercialization
Process development technology
Process optimization, engineering technology development, system safety evaluation
Technical advantages
focusing on the high-end electronic chemicals
We regard employees as the greatest wealth of the company and try our best to provide them with comprehensive benefits.On June 10, 2018, the company organized a tour to Cambodia.

On May 23, the 2018 Tencent "cloud + future" summit with the theme of "Huanqi" was held in Guangzhou


However, the development of photovoltaic industry has made breakthroughs, but also faces some difficulties and challenges.


Relevant departments (bureaus) of finance, development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, Price Bureau of provinces

Location: Room 201B, Building 6, Lane 299, Bisheng  Road, Pudong new area, Shanghai
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